What are pneumatic systems ?

Pneumatics are the systems that take advantage of pressurized air and transform it into mechanical energy. To make this happen, they also need some components.

How do pneumatics work?

As we said above, they need pressurized air or gas. The air is pressurized by a compressor and stored in a tank. When the air is released, it passes through a series of tubes. The tubes are connected to devices that are equipped with a pneumatic piston or cylinder. The cylinder or piston is the one that moves the pressurized gas and powers other mechanisms.

Pros & Cons of Pneumatics

-Never ending source of power, the air cant be run out
-They are safe to work with and also they have clean operation
-Cost effective operations & maintenance
-Easy to be stored
-They need a compressor to pressurize air
-Air leakage is a common thing
-Noisy, because of the compressor
-The have limit to the pressure that they produce comparing to hydraulic systems
-Accuracy issues

Air compressor suppliers in the UAE?

Our company can supply air compressors, solenoid valves, and pneumatics in general. We export to many countries, including the UAE.
Please contact us if you are interested in importing pneumatic systems or hydraulic systems

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