Hearse Hydraulic Power Packs Manufacturer

hearse hydraulic power packs for the hearse drawer

How a hydraulic system can help you in your hearse

A hearse is made to carry caskets and coffins to funerals and burial sites. Well, those are not lightweight, and the most usual thing is to pull them out by hand. This way can be the cause of back problems or other injuries to the funeral home stuff. Also, sometimes damage can be caused to the coffin, and sliding the casket can produce a sound that can be perceived as disrespectful. An hydraulic system instalation to your hearse can be a problem solving for all the above issues. Hydraulics can provide silent movement of the coffin table. In addition, the hydraulic system can fully extend the drawer to reduce the possibility of injury.

Our company can manufacture hydraulic power packs and hydraulic cylinders. We provide the whole system, including the remote control, casket table, electronic controller, control in the car panel, pressure switch for the leakage-free system, and seal for the rear door. All the above are constructed by us and shipped in one piece; all you have to do is install and run them.

Below you will find some images from the proccess and final product of the hydraulic power packs

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