Mechanical Air Valves Pneumax in Greece

Mechanical air valves regulate the flow of compressed air to
components connected to pneumatic systems. They are also referred to as directional control valves
and are classified by two numbers such as 3/2-way, 5/2-way and 5/3-way .
The first number indicates the number of ports of the mechanical valve and the
second number its “states”.

The mechanical air valve is a device that uses compressed air to
control the valve itself, while the media used within the
system may be something else, such as liquid or gas

100 Series Mechanical Air Valve

Dimensions: 2/2, 3/2.5/2

Maximum pressure : 2.5 -10 bar.

Thread: M5-1/8

200 Series Mechanical Air Valve

 Small: 3/2.5/2.5/3(228-T228)

Large : 3/2.5/2.5/3(224-T224)

Maximum pressure: 2.5 -10 bar.

Thread: 1/8”-1/4”

Auxiliary Air Valves & Accessories

In addition to the mechanical valves you can choose from a large list of auxiliary valves such as flow control valves with logical “and” & “or” commands, non-return air valves with quick bleed button. In addition, you can include in your system accessories such as lubrication fittings, metric threads, speed regulators and multi-port valves.

Below you will see some indicative products and pdf catalogs for further service. All our products are available in wholesale and retail.

Auxiliary Valves for Compressed Air Circuits Series 900

Check Valves With Command (Series B50 – T50)

Compact Air Valves      Suitable for small circuits

Air Supply Regulating Valves


Lubrication Fittings, Speed ​​Regulators, Fittings Straight To Metric Threads

Mini Multi-Connection Air Valves, Mini Pressure Regulators With or Without Manometer

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