Vacuum Suction Cups Pneumax

Suction cups for vacuum systems polyurethane, nbr, or silicone

What is a vacuum suction cup?

The vacuum suction cup is a component made of NBR rubber or silicone cylinder
form, used in a vacuum system to grasp and move objects for
pick and place applications.
These devices work in conjunction with a vacuum generator for lifting
objects. They usually consist of silicone, polyurethane (PUR), chloroprene (CR) or
nitrile (NBR) and come in various sizes and designs with different capabilities
retention eg on non-smooth surfaces.
The vacuum suction cup is an accessory needed in vacuum systems and its purpose is
the transportation of objects. Vacuum cups can be made from:
In addition, they have a variety of sizes, designs and retention capabilities.
Vacuum Suction Cup Function.
The vacuum suction cup consists of 2 parts: the silicone part and the connection point.
The part of the silicone is the one that touches the object to be moved and the
connection point is connected to a vacuum generator or a jet. Then the generator takes over
of vacuum which will suck the air and thus the vacuum suction cup will hold it
object we want to transfer.

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