50 Bar Air-Gas Valves 1/2" in Greece - Mitsis SA

The specific type of valves are brass 50 bar 2/2 direct acting. They are liquid gas transfer valves with operation up to 50 bar. They are mainly used in shipping in engine rooms where the pressure of the air system exceeds 20-30 bar. Also in the Chemical industry as well as in the petroleum industry. The valve works diaphragmatic while in the center there is a piston with a seat and a cone for a more direct command. Absolutely reliable and safe solution for oxidizing gases where metal valve or high pressure cast iron cannot be used


The company HYDROPNEUMATIC HELLAS P. MITSIS ABEE was founded in 1972 and is active in compressed air pneumatic systems and oil pressure systems. The company developed in both sectors supplying the largest industries in the country.

Automations that reduce the immediate production time, precision pneumatic mechanisms, PNEUMATIC VALVES, CYLINDERS, FILTERS, FITTINGS, OIL VALVES, HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS, HYDRAULIC ASSEMBLIES, FUSES, CONTROLS, PUMPS and components from the largest foreign houses underpin the effort to full expertise in automation industry.

It also studies and manufactures pneumatic systems, pneumatic panels as well as hydraulic systems and complete hydraulic units.

Βαλβίδες υγρών αερίων 50 bar 1/2''- 2''


Diode solenoid valve at rest closed for a maximum pressure of 50 bar, direct actuation piston.

Material: brass

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