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at Mitsis – Hydraulic Oil Systems & Air Compression Systems

Air systems, air valves, pneumatic systems PNEUMAX high pressure systems hydraulic systems oil pumps, hydraulic pistons, hydraulic pumps hydraulic controls. hydraulic oil systems.

MITSIS SA Hydropneumatics was founded in 1972 in Athens and operates in the field of compressed air pneumatic systems as well as high pressure oil systems. The company developed in both sectors supplying the largest industries in the country. The main axes of action of our company are technical knowledge and professional ethics. Based on these values we have been operating since 1972 and continue to this day. In compressed air systems, we officially represent the PNEUMAX company exclusively in Greece, offering its entire range of products.

In hydraulic oil systems the Spain company Vincke, the Italian Fox, OMT, EMMEGI, WIKA, CBF, GPD GEAR PUMPS COMMERCIAL CO UK APEX, in vacuum systems the Spain GRINO and other companies On the path of continuous development, with your support we are now marching towards the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Air compression systems, air valves, air pistons, air conditioners and filters as well as PNEUMAX air accessories. In adittion hydraulic systems, pumps, valves, units and all the components from VINCKE with areas of service in Athens, Thessaloniki and the rest of Greece


Warranty and Security

The company provides guaranteed performance and security for both products and custom applications. Our know-how and the many years of experience gives us the advantage over the competition Visit us today to see the works up close and meet the people behind them.

Speed and Economy

Our high level of service and our insistence on perfection does not affect the speed of execution of our work and our financial policy. Our philosophy is to create high-level products at low prices that are always of quality and durable over time. In addition, we have excellent service and support

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Manufactures of high oil pressure systems, high specification and quality to order. High resistance to time and strictly defined specifications and costings. PNEUMAX air systems VINCKE oil pressure hydraulic systems



We create compressed air machines, using top technologies and materials of excellent quality and durability. Come today to create the machine that will give another perspective to your productivity.

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