Pneumax Pneumatic Valves in Greece - Μήτσης ΑΒΕΕ

They can accept a complete electrical connection of up to 32 valves with a plug. Accepts pressure or vacuum and has IP 65 protection. Total supply 550 liters/minute with Φ 8 air hose. Quick installation with one clamping screw and pipe connection with automatic quick fitting. The valve latch is made of AISI 304 stainless steel for maximum durability and operation in the most demanding conditions. Comes with a full range of accessories.

You will find a complete line of air valves as well as compressed air components as well as air cylinders in the PNEUMAX compressed air category. Also, our company has specialized technicians and a fully equipped service for all pneumax company products

πνευματικές βαλβίδες αέρος Pneumax

Pneumatic Valves  small 2/2, 3/2.5/2

M5 (Series 104-105).

Maximum pressure: 2.5 -10 bar.

Thread: M5-1/8

Valves 3/2,5/2

M5 (Series 805)

Thread: M5

Mechanical command of various types with lever, button, antenna, rotary switch, key, safety button. Air valves with plastic or metal body.

Pneumatic command with single or double air command. Air valves with plastic or metal body


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