Solenoid Vacuum Valves in Greece

βαλβίδες ηλεκτρομαγνητικές τύπου poppet  1/8''- 1''

Electromagnetic vacuum valves

Single or double coil Solenoid valves to control vacuum systems.


5 position electromagnetic valve which also works manually in both commands. This particular series of valves has operation and dimensions based on international standards ISO 5599/1.

Its design is based externally from cast aluminum and internally it works with a pneumatic and electro-pneumatic latch and returns mechanically or pneumatically respectively with an integrated spring.

These distributors have a service life of between 10 and 15 million cycles, life may vary according to operating conditions. Proper lubrication drastically reduces seal wear

just as filtering prevents the entry of dust and particles which are responsible for malfunctioning of the circuit.

The operating conditions must comply with the pressure and temperature indicated by the PNEUMAX Company for each vacuum valve and for each valve of any other series.

The company MITSIS P.A.V.E. provides spare parts for seals and components of the specific series for repair and maintenance.


They can accept a complete electrical connection of up to 32 valves with a plug. Accepts pressure or vacuum and has IP 65 protection. Total supply 550 liters/minute with Φ 8 air hose. Quick installation with one clamping screw and pipe connection with automatic quick fitting. The valve latch is made of AISI 304 stainless steel for maximum durability and operation in the most demanding conditions. Comes with a full range of accessories.

Our company has all the components of compressed air, but also of high pressure oil. We manufacture hydraulic units, hydraulic pistons and have in stock all the components of the pneumatic systems, air valves, air cylinders, air filters, as well as all the components of the hydraulic systems, hydraulic valves, hydraulic pistons, high pressure valves, hydraulic controls, etc.

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