Robotic Systems Pneumax

Air systems are used in various types of robotic systems . This happens for several reasons such as security , convenience and performance .

Pneumatic systems  offer extremely high thrust. So because of this force we can have small pneumatic systems that do not add extra weight to the outer shell of the robot.

Finally, robotic systems that use air for the tasks they do have the advantage that they can be set up and manufactured quite easily. Also all air pieces can be changed very easily. They are more flexible and faster than any other component of similar torque.

The grippers are small in volume but have a large capacity to hold materials. We achieve the automation of movements without electricity but only with compressed air which helps significantly in aggressive environments.

Below you will find some air powered robotic system components:


Robotic Systems Series: 6100 – Guided compact cylinders

  • Guided compact cylinders
  • Heavy duty guided short stroke cylinders(6101 Series)

Robotic Systems Series: 6200 – Dual axis cylinders

  • Double axis cylinders
  • Double axis cylinders – double action

Robotic Systems Series: 6300 – Pneumatic Grippers

– Angular air retention system
– Angular, 180° opening.
– Angular, 180° opening with rule and gear.


Robotic Systems Series: 6400 – Rotary Actuators

– Double rack with turn table version
– Single rack version
– Vane type version


Robotic Systems Series: 6500 – Base rollers


Robotic Systems Series: 6600 – Guided Cylinders


Robotic Systems Series: 6700 – Rollers with Side Guide

  • Guide Rollers

Robotic Systems Series: 6900 – Mechanical Motion Dampers (Hydraulic)

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