Accessories for Hydraulic Systems in Greece

Quality of Materials & Components for the Construction of Hydraulic Pressure Units

All components used have ISO 9002 quality certificates.

The  hydraulic pumps ,  oil valves  ,  pressure switches, electric motors  ,  adjustment  parts ,  hydraulic fittings ,  filters , etc., are all of European origin exclusively. All  oil pumps , assembled as a whole in a hydraulic pressure assembly, are tested before final delivery to the customer and pre-adjusted to the agreed pressure. Along with the hydraulic assembly, the  maintenance  and good operation manual is also attached

Materials for Hydraulic Units and Assemblies

Below we list some of the materials we use to build a  hydraulic unit.

Containers for the Construction of Hydraulic Oil Units

Containers welded inside, electrostatically painted, holes for adding parts with LASER cutting machines.

Available sizes: 10 liters, 40 liters, 80 liters, 150 liters, 300 liters .

Larger dimensions upon request .

Oil pressure fitting for mounting hydraulic units

All Connection Fittings for the Oil Pumps , for the individual parts of the blocks and pipes, filters, etc.

Solenoid valve fittings and dashboard connectors for hydraulic unit and oil piston reservoirs

Oil Pressure Command Valves

For the movement of the oil pistons in the hydraulic assemblies we apply hydraulic pressure valves with electric commands or manual

Single or multiple solenoid valve mounting block with safety valve, NG6, NG10.

These blocks are manufactured as monoblocks up to five positions and are available for all kinds of circuits

Nitrogen Accumulators, Pressure Gauges, Oil Pressure Switches

Accumulators for maintaining pressure or increasing the speed of delivery of a hydraulic pump. Oil pressure switches with electric induction to recognize the pressure of the hydraulic circuit. Pressure gauges from 0-1 bar to 0-400

Oil filters

Return or pressure to avoid damage to the hydraulic pump from garbage etc. Oil gauges for checking the level of the containers of the hydraulic units, electric float, container breathers, as well as the filling cap for the hydraulic pump oils. The pressure filters effectively protect both the oil pistons and the other parts of the hydraulic unit

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