Valves Oil & Gas in Greece - Mitsis SA

Oil refineries, hospitals, ships, natural gas facilities, the scope of this product range. FULL INOX regulators, filters, control valves, manifolds for the construction of pneumatic integrated systems, always with the help of our specialized technicians.

PNEUMAX OIL & GAS INOX AND ATEX VALVES (explosion-proof valves) the new branch of pneumatic systems of the PNEUMAX company.

Our company provides PNEUMAX OIL & GAS products and STAINLESS STEEL AND ATEX VALVES for demanding pneumatic system applications. Our company holds a leading role in Greece as an official representative of Pneumax.

Βαλβίδες pneumax λαδιού κ' αερίων για διυλιστήρια INOX ΚΑΙ ATEX

Inox & Atex valves for the oil, gas and refinery industry.

Βαλβίδες πνευματικές και χειροκίνητες ” Atex”.

Αλουμινίου και technopolymer .

Atex Pneumatic And Manual Valves.

Aluminum and technopolymer.

Βαλβίδες πνευματικές φυσικού αερίου 

Pneumatic and manual valves for natural gas and other gas applications.

Construction material: Aluminum

Applications: in chemical , petrochemical industries , power stations and oil or gas refineries .

Βαλβίδες Ηλεκτρομαγνητικές Full Inox AISI 316 ” ATEX ”

Solenoid Valves Full Inox AISI 316 “ATEX”

Single or Double coil

βαλβίδες πνευματικές κ χειροκίνητες ATEX

San776(1 1/2)

Diaphragm valves for less friction.

Βαλβίδες Ρυθμιστικές Παροχής κ ταχείας εξαέρωσης

Regulators, flow selectors, quick bleed valves and other accessories.

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