Everything you need to know about Pneumatic Cylinders of Pneumax

24 November 2023

In the world of automation and manufacturing, pneumatic cylinders play a pivotal role. These devices are essential for a wide range of applications, from lifting heavy objects to precise control in automation systems. Keep reading to learn everything about these devices.  What is a Pneumatic Cylinder? A pneumatic cylinder is a mechanical device that uses

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Hydraulic System’s Main Components

10 November 2023

Hydraulic systems are complex machines that execute various tasks, like lifting elevators or even objects that a human can not lift. Hydraulic systems, depending on their size, can generate up to 7,457,000 newtons of power. In that power generation a hydraulic system uses a variety of components that play specific roles to the smooth operation

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What is a solenoid valve and what are their working principles?

13 October 2023

A solenoid valve is a type of valve that is controlled by an electric current. It uses a solenoid, which is an electromagnetic coil, to open or close the valve. When an electric current is passed through the solenoid, it creates a magnetic field that pulls on a plunger, which in turn opens the valve.

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Hearse Parts for a better service

21 July 2023

Hearses are not a usual car. It’s the car that will carry a beloved person to his/her resting place. As a funeral home you must deliver the most respectful service without disturbing the ceremony and of course without any unexpected problems. To successfully do that maybe you must consider some of the below accessories and

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New Product Launch: Hearse Accessories for the casket area

8 July 2023

In Mitsis SA, we have developed a unique product to assist the personnel of funeral homes in transporting the deceased with the utmost respect. Through our expertise in hydraulic systems and assemblies, we have successfully combined them to create a fully hydraulic-operated drawer for the casket area. The hydraulic drawer is delivered as a complete

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