Hearse Parts for better service

Hearses are not a usual car. It’s the car that will carry a beloved person to his/her resting place. As a funeral home you must deliver the most respectful service without disturbing the ceremony and of course without any unexpected problems. To successfully do that maybe you must consider some of the below accessories and parts that we list you.

Hearse parts for you deck

The deck area of your funeral car is the most important area. This is the place where you respectfully place the casket of the deceased. So the casket must be treated with respect. In the loading and unloading process a lot can go wrong so there are some accessories to make that process a lot easier and minimise any risks. Those accessories are:

  • Casket Rollers
  • Bier Pins
  • Hydraulic drawer

Casket Rollers

These are installed in the bottom of the deck. They are made of a mixture of rubber and their frame are made of steel to withstand the heavy usage. Those rollers providing an easier way to loading and unloading the casket.

Bier Pins

With these pins you can lock the coffin in place and prevent it from any movement during the transportation. Those are made of steel to withstand the weight and the heavy usage .

Hydraulic Drawer

This is a special hearse part. The hydraulic hearse drawer are made with hard materials and the assembly is made by a hydraulic piston, the drawer and electrical actuators. These type of accessory can improve the service that you provide. With the drawer that can be extended all the way out with the casket on it, can make the loading and unloading process very easy and all the risks comes down to 0. The funeral car part can be installed immediately as it comes assembled. All you need to do is to install it in your hears’s deck. It comes with a remote control and control panel that is installed next to the driver.

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