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The pneumatic valves they are the necessary components of a pneumatic system as they control the movement of the pistons but also of the rest of the compressed air components such as air valves, other valves, pilots, pneumatic timers, pneumatic transmitters, etc. They have 3 types of function:

  • Valves with electric actuator or solenoid valves
  • Vavles with pneumatic actuator
  • Valves with mechanical actuator

They can be applied to all pneumatic systems and there are also different types of air valves according to their product code, maximum flow rate, maximum pressure they can control and their size.

At P. Mitsis SA Hydropneumatics Hellas you will find a huge variety of valves as well as guidance from experienced staff to find the right one for your pneumatic system

The pneumatic valvescan accept integrated electrical connection up to 32 valves with plug. It can accept pressure or vacuum and has IP 65 protection. Total supply 550 litres/minute with F8 air tube Quick installation with one clamping screw and pipe connection with automatic quick fitting. The valve latch is made of AISI 304 stainless steel for maximum durability and operation in the most demanding conditions. Comes with a full range of accessories.

You will find a complete line of air valves as well as compressed air components as well as air cylinders in the PNEUMAX compressed air category. Also, our company has specialized technicians and a fully equipped service for all pneumax company products.

All air valves, regardless of their operation, are made from different materials. You can learn about the materials used in the construction of air valves so that you can choose the appropriate ones according to the application you want to perform

Check the rest of our air products:

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