Pneumax Air Accessories

Fittings for air, water and gases.

The Mitsis ABEE company has a wide variety of accessories for air compression systtemsSome are:

  • Silencers
  • Adjustable Air Filtrers
  • Valve bleed filters
  • Connection blocks
  • Collectors
  • Connection Support fitting
  • Air pumps made fromplastic, polyurethane, polyamide
all accessories are made by Pneumax
The tubes are suitable also for food industry applications!!!


The wide variety of accessories also includes the category of connection fittings. These have the following types:

  • Automatic fittings, brass or nickel-plated, with guide andΟ-ring
  • Compression fittings
  • Mechanical compression fittings, brass or nickel plated
ρακορ συνδεσης αερος pneumax

Automatic fitting

ρακορ συνδεσης αερος pneumax

Automatic fitting

ρακορ m6 αερος pneumax

Automatic fitting ”Micro Rap” Pneumax

ρακορ αερος pneumax
  • Systolic
  • Breasts

Pneumax mechanical compression fittings with brass rings, brass or nickel-plated.

Suitable for water & gases

ΡMechanical clamping fitting Pneumax.

Silencers, filters, adjustable and simple for venting the compressed air valves of the Pneumax company.

  • Connection block
  • collector
  • fitting connection for wall mounting for compressed air of the Pneumax company

Connection pins for automatic fittings and connection blocks for compressed air from the Pneumax company.

Filters, mufflers of multiple vents of compressed air Pneumax.

Εξαρτήματα αέρος για πνευματικά συστήματα Pneumax

Plastic (PE), polyurethane, polyamide, compressed air hoses from the Pneumax company.

Plastic pipes (PE) are also suitable for food.

Automatic fittings with built-in flow regulators for use on Pneumax brass nickel-plated pistons or valves.

σωληνακια υψηλης πιεσεως αερος

Spiral tubes for compressed air of the Pneumax company.

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