Pneumax Magnetic Sensors of Air Pistons in Greece

How do magnetic sensors work?

The position sensors of the air cylinders are of the magnetic type and read the position of the cylinder through the magnetic seal present in the central piston of the air cylinder. There are sensors of various circuits to enable it to work through any power source.

With two wires or three and direct voltage or ac-dc and dimensions compatible with all types of pneumatic cylinders. There is also the possibility of placing them in the recess of the cylinder so that it does not protrude for environments that require cleanliness such as food industries, pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries, etc.

The range of magnetic sensors can work with all PNEUMAX cylinder types even the small 1200 cylinder range which is the only piston range regardless of competition that is fully repairable with screw heads. Available diameter from Φ10-Φ50 and paths per 5mm but also on request larger than 500mm.

Aluminum construction material with internal magnet to control the route with pneumax sensors. We also have all the support bases of the specific type of pistons, forks, rear joints, flanges, etc. for the compaction of the pistons. Operating pressure 2.5 bar – 10 bar. fully reliable with solid metal piston and NBR or TEFLON dryers for temperature resistance up to 150 degrees.

μαγνητικά αισθητήρια για εφαρμογές πνευματικών συστημάτων pneumax

Magnetic Contact Cylinder Sensors

Reed type magnetic sensors with integrated Reed cable

Hall Effect magnetic sensors

For all types of air cylinders


trasduttori-di-posizione-serie-1800-500x500 (1)

Cylinder position transducers

For all Pneumax air cylinders

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