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βαλβίδες αέρος Pneumax

Pneumax Air Valves

Many different types of actuation. Valves with buttons, controls, rotary switch, roller, activation antenna, horizontal roller, etc.
PNEUMAX air valves have the entire range that a production machine will need for its operation.

Pneumax air piston

Pneumax air pistons

according to ISO standards with aluminum profiles or cylindrical, short overall length with or without brakes. Air pistons with guides or linear movement.
& heavy duty Pneumax air pistons with diameters from Φ10-Φ250. Also INOX air pistons for applications in the food industry. Finally air-hydraulic brake pistons, rotary and with guides.

φίλτρα αέρος Pneumax

Air Filters, Air Regulators, Air Lubricators

Filters, regulators, lubricators for compressed air, for dehumidification and also for lubrication. Active carbon filters for dehumidification up to 99% in cooperation with dryers.
Also in our variety there are all the accessories such as valves for automatic dehydrating, gradual discharge, automatic or manual venting of the circuits. Threads from 1/4”-1”.

ρομποτικά συστήματα αέρος pneumax

Pneumax Robotic Compressed Air Systems

A wide range of compressed air robotic systems.
Automated grippers, rotary actuators, clamps, semi-rotary motor, double-axis-driven cylinders, and high-speed rotary motors are included. These are combined with air valves for managing integrated autonomous robotic systems.

μαγνητικά αισθητήρια για εφαρμογές πνευματικών συστημάτων pneumax

Pneumax Air Piston Magnetic Sensors

Complete position control through a magnet within the air pistons with various circuits like NPN, PNP, etc. Many different types of sensors for motion control.”

Εξαρτήματα αέρος για πνευματικά συστήματα Pneumax

Fittings, Pipes, Air Components

Discover a wide range of pipes, fittings, and air components tailored to meet the needs of pneumatic systems. Ensure reliable connections, optimize air flow, and provide enhanced performance for your applications. The category includes high-quality products for every type of installation and industry.”

συστήματα μετάδοσης κινήσεως Pneumax πνευματικών συστημάτων

Motion Transmission Systems

Pneumatic systems and motion transmission systems interact within the industry and automation, where generating motion from compressed air is combined with mechanical elements for precise and efficient energy transfer in various applications.

Pneumatic systems are used in many industries and businesses. Several businesses can increase their productivity by employing pneumatic automation instead of manual labor.

Mitsis Ltd. can offer compressed air systems & their components. With years of experience in the field, our company’s specialists will help you make the best choice to enhance your business’s productivity.”

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