Hydraulic Oil Pistons

Manufactured in our company's machine shop upon order regardless of dimension.

The hydraulic pistons they are divided into single and double action and in construction with internal or external heads. The latter type of construction allows the pistons to exceed 300 bar operation. The ways of supporting the cylinders are many with the possibility of a fixed bearing but also an articulated base on the front and back of the piston.

In the following photos you can distinguish the type with internal heads where the maximum allowable operating pressure must not exceed 200 bar. Single action OIL PISTONS of this type are used in elevators, loading ramps, etc., where the weight of the structure can return the piston to the closed position and are usually placed vertically. The double action ones oil pressure pistons are applicable to all other constructions.




Hydraulic Pistons with Internal Heads  (up to 200 bar)

3 hydraulic pistons in the shape of a fan and colored yellow, red and green

Hydraulic Pistons with Internal Heads (up to 300 bar)

close-up of a hydraulic piston

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